About us


Welcome to the Femicide Watch Platform on the Gender-Related Killings of Women and Girls, a joint project of the UN Studies Association and the Femicide Team of the former ACUNS Vienna Liaison Office.

This unique knowledge space provides selected, high-quality information on the issue of femicide - the gender related killings of women and girls - for policy and decision-makers at all levels, actors from the criminal justice system, practitioners, civil society activists, academics, and individuals concerned with this horrible phenomenon.

A prototype of this platform was presented and launched in May 2017 on the occasion of the 26th session of the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (22-26 May, 2017). The recently upgraded platform provides:

  • key information on the issue of femicide (core definitions, facts, figures, data, statistics)
  • landmark documents issued by key players
  • an interactive knowledge base of good practices in multiple areas (data collection, legislation, jurisdiction, etc.)
  • topical and regional / country dossiers, timelines, reading lists
  • direct access to experts and practitioners from around the world and across disciplines.

For a detailed description of the purpose, unique features and the future, please see here.

About the concret need for such a global platform, continue to read here.

The Platform Team

  • Prof. Myrna Dawson, Senior Advisor
  • Andrada Filip, Advisor
  • Dr. Henrike Landré, Project Leader
  • Saide Mobayed, Editor-in-Chief
  • Helena Gabriel, Editor Femicide Volumes
  • Michael Platzer, Senior Advisor, Partnerships
  • Dr. Ourania Roditi, Partnerships

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