About us

The Femicide Watch Platform is a joint project of the ACUNS Vienna Femicide Team and the UN Studies Association. It provides selected, high-quality information and own cotextualized content produced on the issue of femicide—often defined as the gender related killings of women and girls—for policy and decision-makers at all levels, actors from the criminal justice system, practitioners, civil society activists, academics, and individuals concerned with this phenomenon. View our flyer!


By offering one central space for key facts and figures, good practices and our own content on this heinous phenomenon, we aim to trigger better actions and decision-making by all those involved and concerned, at all levels


  1. to educate, raise awareness and inform about femicide from a transnational perspective
  2. to transfer knowledge across regions, borders, levels, disciplines
  3. to add context and meaning
  4. to help identify gaps, blind spots and potentials for concerted action and research
  5. to increase visibility of key actors' multifaceted work


The Femicide Watch Platform prototype was launched in May 2017 on the occasion of the 26th session of the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. It provides key information on femicide (core definitions, facts, figures, statistics); and a searchable knowledge base of good practices in multiple areas, including recommendations and landmark documents by key partners and stakeholders. In addition, the Editorial Team has started to work on dossiers and a timeline. The full version Platform will offer an interactive global map and provide direct access to experts and practitioners from around the world and across disciplines.


Please contact us for the project proposal including a detailed description of all features, design sketches of the full platform version, achievements, timeline and budget.


Andrada Filip, ACUNS Vienna Femicide Team
Saide Mobayed, ACUNS Vienna Femicide Team
Michael Platzer, ACUNS Vienna Femicide Team
Henrike Landré, UNSA

We look forward to hearing from you: Email us at editors@femicide-watch.org!