Women’s UN Report Network


WUNRN, Women’s UN Report Network is based on a UN Study, on the Status of Women, Religion or Belief, and Traditions. WUNRN addresses the human rights, oppression, and empowerment of women and girls all over the globe.

WUNRN’s programs include the global WUNRN ListServe, highly respected as one of the most expansive and active Gender ListServe’s in the world. The WUNRN ListServe goes throughout the UN System, and to Governments, Embassies & Missions, Academia, NGO’s, Religions, Associations, Foundations, Media, Private Sector, Civil Society, and more.

WUNRN provides TOOLS FOR GENDER ADVOCACY, and action, and resources of breadth and depth on authentic information on women and girls. Public and private media are not so in-depth focused on women’s issues, and WUNRN is a unique, highly valued, authenticated, source for quick access and use covering themes, years, countries and regions. The WUNRN Archives are said to be the most in-depth resource for tracking women’s issues over 10+ years.

The WUNRN ListServe posts UN Reports, Resolutions, Publications, and is unique in showing the gender dimensions “up front” for ListServe participants. WUNRN regularly organizes High Level United Nations events on women’s and girls’ issues and rights at the UN in Geneva (Human Rights Council), NYC (Commission on the Status of Women and General Assembly), and FAO in Rome.

WUNRN, Women’s UN Report Network, is registered as an Official Non-Profit in the United States, is also Officially Registered and participating as an NGO Association in the European Union as WUNRN EUROPE.