Responses to UN SRVAW Call for Femicide Data since 2016 | UN OHCHR

January 1, 2018 — Official Data, Facts, Statistics

In her report to the General Assembly A/71/398, of 23 September 2016 the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, it’s causes and consequences (UNSRVAW), Dubravka Simonovic, called for the prevention of femicide as well as the establishment of femicide watches and/or observatories on violence against women. Since then, some progress has been made in developing national observatories and collection of data. The UN OHCHR provides a list of member states that submitted information.

Author(s) / Source: UN OHCHR


Data/information requested by the UNSRVAW (as listed on website provideed above):

  • administrative data on gender related killings of women for 2016-2018;
  • the number of women  killed  by their partners (intimate partner killings)  or  by family  members or  other killings by unrelated persons but gender related;
  • Number of killings of children, disaggregated by sex, in the contexts of gender related violence against women;
  • Information on the existence of or progress in the creation of a national femicide watch and/or observatory on violence against women;
  • Information on analysis of cases and actions undertaken in this respect;
  • Information on related investigations, prosecutions and convictions of all cases of gender related killing. 

The following member states submitted answers: