#UnDíaSinNosotras: Mexico's response to Ingrid Escamilla (25) and Fátima Aldrighett's (7) feminicides

February 19, 2020 — Grassroots, Advocacy, Campaigns

This post is dedicated to mourn and grief the violent feminicides of Ingrid Escamilla (25) and Fátima Aldrighett (7), together with the hundreds of Mexican women killed on a daily basis. We stand together in their fight against patriarchal power structures and the rampant culture of impunity. 

"Feminist activists, social media users, and women, in general, are calling for a national strike on March 9, a day after the International Women's Day, commemorated on March 8. [...] For decades, Mexican women have been besieged by both femicide and impunity, which prevails since a series of femicides took place in Ciudad Juárez in the 90s [...]" (El Universal). 

The chosen image echoes the Twitter campaing to honour Escamilla's death. Mexican media irresponsibly filtered photos of her battered body. What is even worse, some newspapers such as 'La Prensa' used these shocking photos as their front page together with a satiric headline related to Valentine's day. As a response, social media's community uploaded 'beautiful' photos with the #IngridEscamilla hashtag. The intention is for these images and not Escamilla's body to show up when searched.