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UN Special Rapporteur on VAW urges worldwide adoption of femicide watch or observatories | UNOHCHR

The UN Special Rapporteur on VAW calls for establishing a femicide watch to collect, analyze and review data at the national, regional and global level will galvanize the gathering of information on good practices with a view to protect all women and girls from gender-based violence.
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Femicide Volume 7: Establishing a Femicide Watch in Every Country | ACUNS Vienna

01/05/2017Research, Studies, Analyses, Reports
  Femicide Report presented at the 2017 Crime Commission meeting on national Femicide Watches and data collection, as called for by the UN Special Rapporteur on VAW.
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2016 Report of UN Special Rapporteur on VAW on the establishment of Femicide Watches | UNOHCHR

23/09/2016Research, Studies, Analyses, Reports
In the report, the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, Dubravka Simonovic, provides an account of her activities on femicide since her previous report, with a special focus on the establishment of national "Femicide Watches"
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