Female homicides and femicides in Ecuador

a nationwide ecological analysis from 2001 to 2017

Academia / Research
Latin America and the Caribbean
gender based violence


Due to the institutional discrimination against women and girls, gender-based violence is a significant public health concern. In 2014, Ecuador made femicide a crime in response to a regional epidemic that was getting worse.

We assessed nationwide patterns of female killings and femicides and the burden through economic cost per year of life lost, between 2001 and 2017, because epidemiological research on the status of female homicides and femicides have not been published.

External Authors

Esteban Ortiz‑Prado, Paola Villagran, Ana Lucia Martinez‑Abarca , Aquiles R. Henriquez‑Trujillo, Katherine Simbaña‑Rivera , Lenin Ana M. Gómez‑BarrenoDiaz,Carla E. Moyano, Vanessa Arcos‑Valle, Maria Dolores Miño and Sara A. Morgan




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