Gendered pandemics: Suicide, femicide and COVID-19


In this insightful piece, Dr.'s Katerina Standish and Shalva Weil analyze suicide and femicide alongside the COVID-19 pandemic. Notably, they draw attention to the gendered nature of femicide and suicide and declare that COVID-19 is likely to substantially increase rates of suicide among women and girls and, as a result of the global stay-at-home-order, simultaneously increase the risk of femicide. As a result, the authors emphasize the need for global leaders to identify and implement prevention measures to protect women and girls from the ongoing gendered pandemics. This article is only accessible with journal subscription.

External Authors

Katerina Standish
Shalva Weil

Suicide - Minimizing the Risk and Policy Recommendations

  • Requiring psychological support among communities
  • Recognizing how stay-at-home-orders affect suicide rates
  • Increase support for individuals who are grieving the loss of someone due to suicide
  • Identify early warning signs

(Standish & Weil, 2021)

Femicide - Minimizing the Risk and Policy Recommendations

  • Identifying femicide as a pandemic
  • Increased support for women and girls who have experienced violence against women
  • Identify early warning signs
  • Implementation of shelters that are free from COVID-19 for men and women who have experienced domestic violence

(Standish & Weil, 2021)

Without further acts of fortification, the pandemic will lead to greater levels of suicidal and femicidal violence and though we are acting globally to protect ourselves from one calamity we need to be watching for adjacent harms waiting in the wings.




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