Country Dossier

Every eight hours: Intimate femicide in South Africa 10 years later

South Africa Medical Research Council


The killing of a woman by her partner is the most extreme consequence of intimate partner violence. Monitoring such violence provides insights on the impact of laws, policies and programs for gender-based violence prevention. This research brief compares the results of two South African national studies that described prevalence and patterns of female homicide and intimate femicide in 1999 and 2009.

External Authors

Naeemah Abrahams
Shanaaz Mathews
Rachel Jewkes
Lorna Martin
Carl Lombard
Our study found a reduction in female homicide which is consistent with a decline in overall homicides in South Africa, but the decline was less among intimate femicides. Intimate partner violence in now the leading cause of death of women homicide victims with 56% of female homicides being committed by an intimate partner.




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