The depth of trauma: The children left behind after femicide in Turkey

Asia and the Pacific


Femicide is experienced almost every day in Turkey due to male violence; tens of thousands of families and children who are affected by the violence are, at the same time, left behind. In this study, in-depth interviews were conducted, using a qualitative method, with 6 children and 17 caregivers who were left behind following 10 cases of femicide, and the problems and needs experienced by these people are revealed. This article is only accessible with journal subscription.

External Authors

Gamze Erükçü Akbaş
Kasım Karataş
According to the United Nations, half a million people fall victim to the crime of homicide each year. Lewandowski et al. (2004) state that each year 55,000 children around the world mourn after the murder of a close partner. The authors estimated that about 3300 children are affected each year by murder in the United States. In a study that Ferrara et al. (2015) conducted in Italy, it was found that 209 of 319 cases of femicide took place at the woman’s house, and the total number of children whose mothers lost their lives, having fallen victim to violence, in the past 3 years was 417, of which 180 were young children. Fifty-two of the children personally witnessed the moment of the incident.




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