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"I would have killed her anyway". Kloop's investigation of femicide in Kyrgyzstan

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This project investigates femicide in Kyrgyzstan. Its uniqueness is that before us nobody has ever conducted any studies on women’s murders, what are the patterns of those murders and what are the grounds behind femicide in the country. Using the data we collected from various sources, we proved that women’s killings are the primary consequence of systematic domestic violence. Women are rarely being murdered outside their home, and the majority of murderers are their intimate partners. Our project tells the stories of women, provides an open-source database of femicides available for download and describes the policy response from the state.

External Authors

Savia Hasanova
Anna Kapushenko
Alina Pechenkina
Edil Baiyzbekov
Almir Almambetov
Kairat Zamirbekov
Aziza Raimberdieva
We, first of all, introduced the term “femicide” into the media space not just in Kyrgyzstan, but in Central Asia. Before our research was presented, the mass media was predominantly covering the cases of domestic violence, rarely paying attention to femicide itself. Not just mass-media, but also NGO and research institutes, whose focus is gender equality, have systematically studied the problem of femicide. The data on women’s murders was not publicly opened, even the number of such murders was hidden from the public.




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