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Femicide in Germany: A silent epidemic

TV report by France 24


Germany has one of the highest rates of femicide in Europe. According to statistics from the Federal Criminal Police Office in December 2021, the pandemic has only made the situation worse. Despite the tireless work of support groups for victims of domestic violence, the number of femicides continues to rise. Activists condemn a failure by police to take women's cases seriously enough, as well as legal shortcomings in German law. The France24 Berlin correspondents report. Including interviews with representatives of "Gender Equality Media", "Network against Femicide", "Femicide Observation Center Germany", among other activist groups, victims, lawyers, etc.

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Key reasons why femicide rates are so high in Germany

According to the report, these are the main reasons:

- lack of reserouces, shelters, protection

- Federalism

- lack of media attention

- lack of national legal framework

- lack of information for victims




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