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Femicide Volume 14 cover image by UNSA Vienna

Femicide Volume 14: Femicide in the History and Presence of Pandemics

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An unforeseen pandemic and enduring periods of huge uncertainty have shaped the past two years. Although the COVID-19 pandemic still presents various personal challenges worldwide, the Femicide Team was able to publish FEMICIDE Volume XIV with a lot of work, energy and willpower. While the challenges of the pandemic may, hopefully, fade away, the problem of “femicide/feminicide” has not. Unfortunately, we must still fight this problem. 

This publication deals with the topic of "Femicide in the History and Presence of Pandemics". The data and facts that can be read in this publication come from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic (2020). FEMICIDE Volume XIV aims to analyze and question the impact of pandemics on the issue of femicide from diverse perspectives. Historical lessons learned, data-driven realities and solutions developed by policymakers, governments and civil society organizations will be presented. Furthermore, the publication showcases best practices and up-to-date research on the impact of the pandemics on femicide globally.

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