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2022 Research Paper on femicide statistics and policy responses by UNODC and UN Women


The UNODC and UN Women have collaborated to improve the responses to femicide around the word, and aim to collect more accurate data on the issue. This research paper discusses the number of femicides globally in the year 2021. The statistics show there is no progress in combating the issue of gender-related violence which is rooted in gender inequalities and negative social constructs. The research paper lays out policy reforms to more effectively deal with the issue of femicide. It has been estimated that one in three women globally face intimate partner violence in their life. In 2021 there were 45,000 counts of femicide with an intimate partner or family member as the perpetrator. Due to inconsistent data collection, the number of femicides is estimated to be much higher.

The UNODC and UN Women aim to improve the accuracy of femicide statistics through a framework which aims to expand the knowledge into the public and create more awareness on the issue. Policy responses suggested in this research paper include more effort involving prevention, responses by the police and criminal justice system, and creation of a multi sectoral approach. Policy makers and data collectors are called to fix the limitations involved with femicide data collection and ensure the accuracy in their statistics. 




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