Chapter 21: Femicide in the Russian Federation

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The chapter looks at femicide in Russia based on the work of the independent collective Since 2019, the members of the collective have operated a database where information on femicide cases, committed in Russia from 2018 onwards, is collected. The information is based on the reports from various news media, and the websites of both the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor's Office. The first half of the chapter is dedicated to the context information about Russia, including the legal situation, and the work of the help system, as well as statistics and data from prevalence studies and NGOs concerning domestic violence and femicide. In the second half of the chapter, data from is presented. This includes data on both victims and perpetrators, the methods, and places of femicides, together with convictions and prison sentences the perpetrators have received so far. The chapter concludes with further projects of the collective.

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