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Ivonne Ramirez holds an MA in literature by the University of Bologna with a specialisation in gender studies. She is a reading mediator, workshop facilitator, and writer. Alumni of the International Visitor Leadership Program by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Since 2015, she has been monitoring and mapping femicides committed in her hometown, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. She has published “Monitoring, recording, and mapping feminicide” in Femicide Volume XII: Living Victims of Femicide (UNSA) and “México, el país más peligroso para ser mujer” in El Atlas de la revolución de las mujeres. Las luchas históricas y los desafíos actuales del feminismo.

The Red Feminista Antimilitarista (Antimilitarist Feminist Network) is an organization with 10 years of social and political work in Colombia. Our work is based on the construction of feminist pedagogies and aesthetics, the construction of knowledge, feminist economics and power from and for women. Our purpose has been the generation of collective political practices that contribute to the eradication of systems of domination and oppression through self-management and political autonomy. We generate feminist pedagogical processes with young women in educational institutions, we have a rap school for women, the Colombian observatory of feminicides, feminist economy strategies and aesthetics for feminist mobilization.




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