Counting the global scale of intimate femicide | UNODC Education for Justice Podcast 3

Data Collection


As part of its Education for Initiative (E4J) podcast series, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) discusses data collection of femicide and violence against women with expert Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Australia.

UNODC Education for Justice (E4J)

Official announcement:

"Femicide is the gender based killing of women and girls, and the most extreme form of violence against women and girls. The most common form of femicide is the killing of women by their male intimate partners (intimate partner femicide). The UNODC Global Study on Homicide estimates that 50,000 women and girls were killed by an intimate partner or family member in 2017 (UNODC, 2018, Booklet 5, p 13).

In recognition of the depth of this global problem, the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women has called for “femicide watches” to be established worldwide (A/71/398). Despite initiatives at the local, national and regional levels to ensure more comprehensive counting of femicide, we currently lack the comprehensive global data on femicide that is needed to reliably inform prevention and response.

Wendy O’Brien, Education for Justice initiative, UNODC, is joined by Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Director of the Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre and an Associate Professor in Criminology in the Faculty of Arts, Monash University, Australia, to discuss the importance of comprehensively counting femicide, as part of a broader strategy to end violence against women and girls."

UNODC E4J Global Podcast Series - Episode 3: Counting the global scale of intimate femicide





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