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IACHR Proposes Policy Implementation for the Alarming Femicide Rates in Brazil (2021)

Latin America and the Caribbean


This article by the Harvard International Review discusses the increase in femicide rates in recent years. More than 4,000 women were victims of femicide in Latin America during 2021. These countries experience justice systems and federal governments who neglect the issue despite international organizations, such as the IACHR, urging them to implement policy and education to help combat the issue of gender based violence. The former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, cut 90% of the funding for femicide. Furthermore, the Chamber of Deputies put a stop to policy implementation that was designed to help victims of domestic violence. The United Nations Human Rights Office and the IACHR designed model legislation protocols for Latin Americas federal governments, but despite these efforts no action is being taken. This article discusses the Barbosa de Souza case as an example of failed investigations by Brazil's justice systems regarding femicide. With a focus on Brazil, the IACHR has stepped into the issue of rising femicide rates due to the recent lack of federal support. 

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